Our Triathlon Training Program prepares athletes for participation in triathlons and endurance sports events, as well as improving their abilities in each of the three triathlon sports: swimming, cycling, and running. Strength, core conditioning, and comprehensive fitness training are also a key component of the Triathlon Training Program.


The Triathlon Training Program is ongoing all year round at the following locations: 


Katameya Residence (New Cairo) Click here for location.

Palm Hills Club (6th of October) Click here for location. 

The Triathlon Training Program is suitable for athletes of all abilities, from newcomers to seasoned triathletes.

The typical season of the Triathlon Training Program is structured into a foundation period, intensive training period, and a pre-race tapering period, regardless of your level of experience or abilities. This is to ensure a complete training experience, and a steady build-up to each athlete's peak performance level.

The program itself is designed by ITU and IRONMAN certified coaching professionals, and all training sessions are led by our qualified coaches (who are also triathletes) who have strong experience in developing athletes of all abilities for the sport of triathlon. 







  • All year round, swimming and running training takes place on-site at our training locations.

  • Palm Hills and Katameya Residence allow access to non-members during training times.

  • On the weekends cycling training begins at 6:30 am from Arkan Plaza in Sheikh Zayed on Fridays, and from the Sokhna Road Gates on Saturdays. 

  • All of our training sessions typically last between 60-75 minutes.



Swimming sessions take place in either a 25m or 50m outdoor pool, depending on location. Training includes drills that target specific motions with the aim of perfecting swimming technique, as well as those focused on general improvement of body strength, stability in the water, flexibility, and power. Swimming training will usually involve intervals aimed to improve speed and anaerobic capacity, as well as longer efforts that work on endurance and stamina. Specific triathlon drills are practised closer to race day, including open water swimming technique and drafting.


Cycling sessions take place either on the open road or on turbo trainers. On the open road, the training sessions are meant to simulate cycling during triathlons, with a focus on stamina and endurance, as well as learning to ride in a group and manoeuvre efficiently while riding. Sessions on the turbo trainer are more speed-focused, with intervals and off-the-bike runs. 


Running training takes place on the track at each of our locations. Our running sessions involve a mixture of core conditioning, lower-body strength workouts, technique-focused drills, and higher-intensity step exercises. Running intervals are usually shorter in length, with the aim of improving speed and stamina, while some longer efforts are conducted towards the end of the season to prepare athletes for their race. 


Our Strength & Conditioning sessions are meant to improve overall performance in all three disciplines, and serve as full body workouts. They are an essential part of the Triathlon Training Program intended to help athletes strengthen their muscles and avoid fatigue and injury. 


Our Triathlon Training Program packages allow you the flexibility to join whichever session you choose, depending on your convenience and which of the sports you prefer to focus on, whether it be swimming, cycling, running, or any combination of them. 

Members can choose from the following packages  -- all packages will expire by the end of 2019:

  •   50 sessions package: EGP 4,500 --- expires at the end of 2019.

  •   25 sessions package: EGP 2,500 --- expires at the end of 2019.

  •   15 sessions package: EGP 1,800 --- expires at the end of 2019.

  •   5 session package: EGP  800  --- expires at the end of 2019.

  •   1 session drop-in:   EGP 200

**Palm Hills Club and Katameya Residence club members qualify for the following discounted packages 

Members can choose from the following packages :

  •   5 session package: EGP  600  --- expires at the end of 2019. 

  •   1 session drop-in:   EGP  150


Outdoor Cycling: 

For all Training Program Members, Outdoor Cycling Sessions on the weekends are calculated as part of the normal training package.

Non-members may join our Outdoor Cycling Sessions for a fee of EGP 200 per session, payable to any of our cycling coaches or members of staff. 




You do not need any triathlon experience to join! We welcome athletes of all ages and abilities. 

Training at each location is divided into groups. Our beginner group is generally filled with athletes trying out triathlon for the first time, who may need to learn swimming and running from scratch. Our intermediate and advanced groups work towards building on their athletic ability and improving their triathlon performance. 



- Swimsuit or trisuit (suitable swimming attire is obligatory)

- Swimming goggles

- Bike (road bike is recommended)

- Helmet (no helmet, no ride)

- Running shoes



-Heart rate monitor and GPS watch

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