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Welcome to The TriFactory's dedicated FAQs page, tackling the questions we face most often as an event organiser. Please read the questions and their answers thoroughly, and if your query is still unanswered, please email us at


How do I sign up for The TriFactory events?

Our upcoming events are detailed at, and you can click on the "Sign Up Now" button on each page. Alternatively, you can visit our registration portal directly, by clicking here.


Can I sign up on the day of the event?

All event participants must register online. Registrations on the day of the event are not permitted.


How do I pay for my ticket?

Payment of tickets can be made online (highly recommended for instant confirmations) or through cash deposits at CIB Bank.

I have an account on The TriFactory website. How do I fund my wallet?

Step 1: Make a bank deposit/transfer to The TriFactory bank account (information below):

Bank name: Commercial International Bank. CIB Egypt

Account Number: 100029925709

Account Name: Trifactory

Swift Code: CIBEEGCX007
IBan Code: EG290010000700000100029925709


Step 2: Send an email to with the receipt of the deposit/transfer.


Step 3: We will add the amount deposited/transferred amount to your electronic wallet in your account at


Step 4: After finalising the registration steps, click on "Proceed to Payment", then select "Use Credit from Wallet" to complete payment, and then click on "Confirm Order".

How do I cancel my ticket?

Please follow these steps to cancel your ticket.

1. Log in to your profile on and view your upcoming events.

2. You will find your race there and next to it a button called Cancel Race.

3. Click on Cancel to cancel this race.

4. When you cancel the amount paid will be refunded in your electronic wallet

How do I change my race distance?

Please follow these steps to complete the change successfully:

1. Log in to your profile on and view your upcoming events.

2. You will find your race there and next to it a button called Cancel Race.

3. Click on Cancel to cancel the race.

4. When you cancel the amount paid will be refunded in your electronic wallet

5. You can then re-registerfor your preferred race using the amount in your wallet to complete your registration successfully

Until when can I cancel or change my ticket?

Following the General Registration Deadline, no changes or cancellations will be possible, regardless of personal or medical circumstances, including COVID-19 or otherwise. A full refund will only be allowed in the event that a government-declared lockdown is enforced and the race is cancelled or postponed.


Do ticket fees include VAT?

No. Starting in 2022, all ticket fees are exclusive of 14% Value Added Tax, which will be added to the final total before you checkout on our registration portal.

What does my ticket include?

Your ticket will include the full race experience, including timing, nutrition on the course, giveaways, and of course your finisher medal. To find out exactly what your Race Pack contains, make sure to read the specific information found on each event's dedicated page on our website.

Can I take my race medal even if I don't finish the race?

No. The TriFactory race medals are always earned, not given. All items in your Race Pack are guaranteed as part of your ticket, with the expection of the Race Medal, which you can only collect after successfully completing the race and crossing the finish line.

Do you accept group entries?

In certain cases, large group entries (more than 20+ participants) can be offered special packages. Please contact to request group rates for large teams.


How old must I be to participate?

Different races have different age requirements depending on their locations and the difficulty of the race course. Typically, the following age requirements are implemented for our running races:

  • 1K Kids Race - 5-10 years old

  • 5K - 8 years old

  • 10K - 14 years old

  • 21K - 16 years old

  • 42K - 18 years old

Age is calculated using participants' year of birth. This means that even if you have not turned the required age, if you will be turning it this calendar year, you will be eligible to participate.


Are there any race categories for participants with disabilities?

There are no separate categories for athletes with disabilities, but all athletes, regardless of ability/disability are welcome to register and participate at The TriFactory events. If special support or consideration is required, kindly email so that we can take the necessary care. In the event that a friend or family member will be present to support a disabled athlete, please let us know in order to provide them with an access pass. 

Are there cut-off times?

Typically, we only enforce cut-off times for our longer distances. 

  • At the Pyramids Half Marathon, El Gouna Half Marathon, & Madinaty Half Marathon, the cut-off time is three hours for all distances (21K, 10K, & 5K).

  • At the Somabay Endurance Festival, cut-off times are only enforced for the Olympic distance.

Make sure to read the cut-off time information in detail before signing up for a race.

If I am unable to participate on the day of the marathon, may I have someone run in my place?

No. Please read the important TICKET TERMS & CONDITIONS below:

  • Tickets cannot be transferred/resold to other participants under any circumstances. 

  • At the Expo/Race Pack Pick-Up, participants must present a valid photo ID that matches their ticket, in order to receive their Race Pack Pick-Up.

  • Running on behalf of someone else or sneaking into the race without a ticket will result in a permanent ban from The TriFactory events.

Can spectators attend The TriFactory events?

Yes! Friends & family are always encouraged to attend our events, and can easily do so. For certain events, a Spectator Pass is necessary such as at the Pyramids Half Marathon, but in most cases spectators can just come and cheer from the Race Venue. 

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