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El Gouna Half Marathon 2022 will take place on Friday, November 11th.

El Gouna Half Marathon 2021 will feature a brand new race course, taking runners through the wonderful and scenic roads of El Gouna. The course is almost entirely flat, with minimal elevations as a result of a few bridges that participants will cross as they take on the course. The 21K, 10K, and 5K routes all follow a similar paths.


Athletes are expected to make their way to El Gouna by Thursday, in order to collect their Race Packs and Race Numbers. El Gouna is located just 25 kilometers from Hurghada, meaning participants who are not Gouna residents can easily reach the destination via car or internal flight, while those traveling from major cities abroad can fly directly to Hurghada International Airport. Alternatively, participants can use a transportation service such as Go Bus, or other bus services that travel to El Gouna.


The Race Pack Pick-Up & Briefing Area, Start Line Zone, and Finish Line Zone will be announced shortly, following the finalisation of the final Course Maps for each distance. 

There is parking available near the Start Line Zone, where participants will be able to park before the race begins. 

Participants should note that there is no baggage claim at El Gouna Half Marathon. Runners are advised to leave their belongings at their homes or hotels, in their parked vehicles, or with friends and family. 



5:00 pm - 8:00 pm........Race Pack & Race Number Pick-Up

6:00 pm & 7:00 pm......Arabic & English Briefing Sessions

Friday - RACE DAY


6:00 am   - Arrival to the Start Line Zone

7:00 am   - 5K, 10K & 21K races start

10:00 am - 1K Kids Race

10:00 am - Final Cut-Off Time for all three races

10:30 am - Awards Ceremony

*All athletes should arrive to the Race Venue at least 45 minutes before the Start Time.

** The final cut-off time for all races is at 10:00 am, giving all runners a full three hours to complete their races.


Race Pack Pick-Up and English & Arabic Briefing Sessions.

Thursday, November 10th

Race Pack Pick-Up: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Arabic Briefing: 8:00 pm

English Briefing: 8:30 pm

Kindly note that runners will not be able to collect their Race Packs on the day of the event. Participants who will be arriving to El Gouna late on Thursday night and require special arrangements to be made should notify the organising body beforehand by emailing


The Start Line Zone is where all athletes must head to on the morning of the RACE DAY.

You must have your Race Number securely attached to your t-shirt when you arrive at the Start Line Zone. 

At the Start Line Zone, you will find the following:​​

  • Water Station

  • Ambulance (for last minute medical needs)

  • Start Line Zone Stage for final announcements


10 minutes before the race start time, runners will be directed to the Start Line to begin their race.


The event wouldn’t be the same without friends, family, and spectators cheering on the runners! Spectators can accompany participants to the event in the morning, and are encouraged to support them on the course as they run throughout El Gouna.

Please note that spectators are not permitted to cross the Finish Line with runners.


After you complete your race you will cross the Finish Line. There you will be able to:

  • Receive your race medal!

  • Help yourself to NESTLE water & LAMAR Juice

  • Visit the ALFA Medical Tent for any medical problems

  • ​Head to the Spectator Zone to see your friends and family

  • Attend the Awards Ceremony, where the winners will be announced​


The organisers of El Gouna Half Marathon are committed to abiding by all social distancing guidelines as provided by the Egyptian Ministry of Youth & Sports, the Egyptian Athletics Federation, and international recommendations stipulated by the World Health Organisation. Therefore, the following social distancing guidelines will be enforced, and all runners and spectators will be requested to follow them:

1. All staff and personnel will wear masks. Personnel who will be particularly close to participants will also wear plastic face shields.
2. After installation, all touchpoints will be thoroughly disinfected.
3. 70% alcohol will be available for sanitisation of hands.
4. Participants will be required to wear masks at both the Registration & Briefing on Thursday, November 4th, and at the Start Line on Friday, November 5th. They will be able to throw masks away in a responsible and sanitary manner at the Start Line right before their race begins. 
5. The event start will be split into waves, consisting of smaller numbers of runners.
6. At the Finish Line, participants will be asked to once again respect social distance.

7. Participants will receive their medal in a secure and sanitary format at the Finish Line. 70% alcohol will once again be available for sanitisation following the completion of the event. 


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