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Red Bull Quicksand could be the most challenging kilometer you ever run. Competitors will push through the sand in an energy sapping knockout format, with heats, semi-finals, and finals.
On top of the obvious challenges that come with running on sand (runners expend 1.6 times more energy on sand than running on a road surface) – the course is filled with all kinds of sandy climbs, giving competitors a full examination of endurance, acceleration, and bursts of speed.

For the first time in Egypt, Red Bull Quicksand will take place on
Saturday 25 th of September, at ZED East in New Cairo.



Your heat allocation will be communicated to you shortly prior to the event. 

Runners, please arrive 1 hour before your heat start time receive Race Packs & Race Numbers.

If you miss your heat time, we will not be able to guarantee you a place in a separate heat. There will be a warmup before

each race.



• 6 Heats 

Top 50% from each heat progress to the semifinals.

Semi Finals

• 3 Heats

Top 25% from each race go through to the finals.


• 2 Heats

Top 3 from Males & Females make the podium.

Numbers are subject to change depending on final race day numbers.


This is a non-contact race. Race marshals will instruct any competitor who is, in their opinion, taking an unfair advantage by physical contact with another competitor and remove them from the race.

All competitors must have their competition number on their event t-shirt clearly visible.

Action cameras can be worn during the duration of the race, however, please make event organizers aware that you are doing so.

Footwear: Runners are permitted to run barefoot however spikes, studs and crampons are NOT permitted.

Headphones are NOT permitted whilst on course.

10 minutes before the race start time, runners will be directed to the Start Line to begin their race.



What is a race without your support team?

This event is free to spectate.


Littering or the discarding of any item on the racecourse is forbidden at all times during the race and indeed during the event as a whole. Litter bins will be provided. 


The organizers reserve the rights to change the routing and format, or part thereof, of any heat or race at any time during the event.

Every attempt will be made to communicate the changes clearly and timeously to ensure that no competitors are unfairly prejudiced nor advantaged by such changes.

Typically, such changes may be necessitated in the event of inclement weather or circumstances beyond the control of the organizers.


To book your race ticket, you will first create a new account and then select your race and complete your purchase through one of two ways:

 - Online Payment: 
Use your Credit Card to pay online (this option is highly recommended and you will receive an instant confirmation of your registration).

- Cash Payment:
1. Make a cash deposit/transfer to The Trifactory bank account at CIB (Account Number: 100029925709
Account Name: TriFactory)
2. Send the bank slip to our email
3. The credit deposited in the bank account will be made available on your online account within 48 hours of sending the email confirmation to us
4. Register for your chosen race using the credit in your account


1. Payment of tickets can be made online (highly recommended for instant confirmations) or through cash deposits at CIB Bank (Acc. #: 100029925709).

2. Tickets cannot be transferred/resold to other participants under any circumstances.

3. Participants need to present a photo ID at the event that matches the ticket to receive the race pack.

4. Members can cancel their tickets before the General Registration Deadline and receive the amount paid as credit in their electronic wallet, to be only used for future bookings. 

5. Following the general registration deadline, no changes or cancellations will be possible.

6. Ticket fees do not include accommodation or transportation.


1. You are eligible for a 100% refund on your credit card within 48 hours of the ticket purchase.

2. After 48 hours of the ticket purchase, cancellations and refund requests are eligible for:

- Option 1: Refund of 80% on your Credit Card.

- Option 2: Refund 100% on your electronic wallet in your account at The TriFactory to be used at any of our future races.

3. Following the general registration deadline, no changes or cancellations will be possible.

**In case of event cancellation, 100% refund on your credit card.

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