Every year The TriFactory organises a running campaign called ItsWorthATri to encourage everyone to stay active during the month of Ramadan while also raising funds for charity. This year, we've turned ItsWorthATri into an event: the Ramadan Relay Run. Taking place at Palm Hills Club in 6th of October, the Ramadan Relay Run will see teams of four runners to compete to finish as many 400m laps as possible within a two hour time frame. Each completed lap will raise funds for our charity partner, the Ibrahim A Badran Charitable Foundation.  Check out all of the details below:


Location: Palm Hills Club Football Field


Date: Friday, May 31st, 2019


Schedule: 9 pm to 12 am:

9 pm - Athletes arrive and collect race numbers and timing chips

9:30 pm - Relay Run begins

11:30 pm - Relay Run ends, Award Ceremony for winners

12:00 am – Event ends & departure



The Relay Run will last for two hours, from 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm.

Teams will be comprised of four runners.

Team can either be male, female, or mixed.

Only one runner can run at a time.

Runners can only be members of one team.

Each lap will raise money for the Ibrahim A Badran Charitable Foundation.


Weekly Ramadan Runs:

In preparation for the ItsWorthATri Relay Run, we will do our usual community runs every Friday:

Friday, May 10th: Zamalek

Friday, May 17th: Maadi 

Friday, May 24th: Arkan

Friday, May 31st: Ramadan Relay Run at Palm Hills Club

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