The Beach Run Series - Powered by INERTIA

All summer long, start off your weekends the right way. Join us at Diplo on the North Coast for the Beach Run Series - Powered by INERTIA. 


The Beach Runs - Powered By INERTIA


This summer, The TriFactory is once again challenging you to take part in the Fitter, Faster, Funner campaign! We’ll be organising our summer Beach Runs - Powered by INERTIA, every Friday and Saturday morning at 9 am, all summer long. Open to all members of the Diplo community, the Beach Runs will take place on the Diplo promenade and are a great way to start off your weekend days energetically, keeping fit, getting faster, and having fun at the same time. The TriFactory's highly experienced running team will organise the Beach Runs and lead the runners, from kids to veteran athletes, all the way to the finish line at the end of the summer!


The Beach Runs - Powered by INERTIA - will take place all summer long, starting from July 7 & 8 and continuing until the last Sahel weekend on August 25 & 26. See you there!​

*All ages are welcome, from 8 years old and upwards.

**The Beach Runs are a community-based event and are free of charge.

***Please note that we are unable to facilitate entry to Diplo; runners will have to do so on their own.

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