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What is the Triathlon Training Program?

The Triathlon Training Program provides athletes with swimming, cycling, and running training. The overall purpose of the Program is to improve athletes’ performance in all three sports and ultimately prepare them to compete in and complete a triathlon race.

I’ve never done triathlon before – I’m not good at any of the three sports – can I join?

Of course! We encourage everyone to try out triathlon, learn a new sport, and discover their true potential. We welcome athletes of all levels, from absolute newcomers who don’t know how to swim or have never run a lap of the track, to seasoned triathletes and endurance athletes.

Where can I train?

The Program is operational at the following locations: Wadi Degla Club - El Nakheel  (New Cairo), Palm Hills Club (6th of October), and NewGiza Sports Club (6th of October). Our Wadi Degla Club & Palm Hills Club trainings are open to everyone, provided you contact us with your name and details before you come. Please note that training at NewGiza is only accessible to club members.

How do I join the Triathlon Training Program?

Sign up on the website and simply show up! Come join us at your preferred training location, meet our coaches, and start training!

What if I can’t show up to any of the above locations?

Not a problem. Many of our athletes have varying schedules or are unable to attend training in person. We suggest that you join the Personalised Training Program, with training sessions tailored specifically for your abilities, and allowing you the flexibility to train at their own convenience with immediate follow-up from our certified coaches. 

What is the Personalised Training Program?

The Personalised Training Program is a branch of The TriFactory’s training services. It is entirely digital, and is a highly personalised and focused service provided using Training Peaks. Training Peaks is the top online platform for monitoring athletes’ performance and setting personalised training plans for them to follow. Our highly certified coaches are able to do exactly that, ensuring athletes receive the best training that can be completed at the time and place most convenient to them.


The majority of our Personalised Training Program subscribers are members of our Ironman Program, although our coaches also train athletes for shorter triathlon distances, as well as marathons and other running races.

Unlike the regular Triathlon Training Program, the Personalised Training Program is unsupervised, with each athlete receiving their training and completing it on their own.


How much do I have to train to finish my first triathlon?

It varies from athlete to athlete, but generally our training programs take around two months for Sprint triathlons, aquathlons, and duathlons; 2-4 months for the Olympic distance; and 5-8 months for the 70.3 and full Ironman distances.

Can I join the Ironman Program?

Yes. We encourage our athletes to take on their chosen challenges, and we train them to do so. If you do not have sufficient experience we will suggest that you try out shorter distances first, such as the Sprint or Olympic, but we believe that anyone, with the proper training and nutrition, can complete the race they set out to do.

Are the coaches qualified to train me?

Absolutely. Each and every single one of our coaches and managers is certified by the Egyptian Triathlon Federation. Moreover, many of them have other certificates including degrees from the National Institute of Physical Education, the IRONMAN U Coach’s certificate, ITU Coaching Qualification, and ISSA and ITCA qualifications.

I don’t have a bike. What can I do?

We do not offer a bike rental service, nor do we have our own stock of bikes. However, we can direct you to entities that do rent bikes, or advise you as to which kind of bike you can purchase. Email for more information regarding bike rentals.

Can I train for only one sport?

Yes. The Triathlon Training Program packages are structured to allow you maximum flexibility, choosing which sessions you wish to attend. You can attend all the sessions or only those related to a specific sport, depending on your preferences.  

Do you only provide triathlon training?

We train athletes for triathlon in specific and endurance sports in general. This means that as well as triathlon we can prepare you for duathlons, aquathlons, run-only races like marathons and half-marathons, open water swimming races, and more.

Who can I contact for more information?

Amina Omar, Triathlon Training Program Manager: 01272114991

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